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BIMAL distinguishes itself as the producer of top quality products from sunflower seeds, soybean and rapeseed.

Adhering to our motto “BIMAL – The Sun in Your Kitchen”, alongside our standard products, we also market an extra-virgin olive oil. In addition to its own premium brand, BIMAL’s product range also includes the private trademark SOLIA, SANI and ŠEF KUHINJE.

BIMAL – The Sun in Your Kitchen

From the very moment when BIMAL sunflower oil appeared in the market it has become an irreplaceable product in our kitchens.
Our oil’s golden yellow hue, stability in high temperatures and neutral taste and smell confirm the high level of quality that comes from BIMAL.
In addition to being a high quality product, BIMAL sunflower oil comes in uniquely and modernly designed package, characterized by bold red color and a ripe sunflower.

In addition to our basic product - BIMAL sunflower oil, under BIMAL brand we also market BIMAL FINO oil and BIMAL extra virgin olive oil.

Arthrose Ernährung

Ein weiches, nicht zu stark gefülltes, gut formbares Arthrose Kopfkissen, unterstützt das komfortablere Liegen nicht nur im Arthrose Bereich der Halswirbelsäule. Verspannungen, die in der Arthrose Ernährung HWS auftreten pillole dimagranti efficaci, können sich bis in den unteren Arthrose Bereich der Wirbelsäule fortsetzen und umgekehrt. Auf dem Arthrose Bauch liegen ist zu vermeiden.